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Audífonos de Phonak – tipos, colores y estilos flexibles

Phonak tiene la solución más adecuada para usted - sin importar su tipo de pérdida auditiva, su estilo de vida, sus preferencias personales, su edad o su presupuesto. Hemos decidido desarrollar soluciones excepcionales para todas las personas.

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Phonak Bolero Marvel


Love at first sound ... every day.



Phonak Bolero , for mild to severe hearing loss, combines maximum reliability and endurance with a clear and varied sound experience and multi-functionality . Connects to smartphones, television and other Bluetooth® compatible devices. Bolero Marvel also have a rechargeable model available. Boost your hearing performance in noisy environments like restaurants, meetings, work, and school with Roger ™ microphones, now streaming directly to your Marvel hearing aids. 


                                                                                                              file_download Download Bolero M brochure  


Phonak Sky Marvel


Love at first sound ... every day.



Phonak Sky Marvel combines the world's first technological innovations and kid-specific designs to support children of all ages. Close relationships are essential for the optimal social, emotional and cognitive development of children. Sky Marvel allows children to build strong bonds by providing clear and varied sound and access to more words and conversations every day. AutoSense Sky OS is the world's first pediatric operating system  that recognizes the sound environments  that children experience every day and is

automatically adapts to them. Connects to smartphones, Roger microphones, and more. Phonak Sky is also available with a rechargeable model.


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Phonak Audéo Marvel


Love at first sound ... every day.



From the moment you first put on your  Marvel headphones, what you can expect is unmatched sound quality  . We have accomplished this by taking  the proven performance of our technology  and improving it in every way possible, so  that Marvel works as expected, even in the  most challenging environments.

This new generation of Phonak technology automatically recognizes  and adapts precisely to more  sound environments than ever before  . You can enjoy a  better speech understanding in noise , effortless  hearing  and will be surprised with the high performance  of your hearing aids in their daily lives. After all,  listening well allows you to participate and communicate  more, and that affects your well-being. The combination of clear sound quality, powerful  rechargeable battery technology and connectivity with  smartphones and television is, in short, a  good reason for the Marvel hearing aid to conquer you ... all day every day. 


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Phonak Audéo BR

When your hearing aid automatically adapts to each sound, live life.


Audéo B hearing aids have been created to simplify your life and make listening effortless. What makes the Audéo B and  Audéo BR hearing aids   so special is an exclusive operating system called AutoSense OS. Detect  surroundings and adjust headphones every step of the way. Just turn them on and the rest is automatic.

And now with the new  rechargeable Audéo BR , you can enjoy 24 hours * of listening on a single charge.  


* Expected results with full charge and with up to 80 minutes of wireless transmission. See



Phonak Vitus / Vitus +

The key to hearing with confidence


Phonak Vitus / Vitus + offers solid performance in a variety of listening situations. You can be assured that you will receive a quality hearing aid with proven Phonak technology that is robust, reliable and affordable. Equipped with an attractive design, there is a Vitus hearing aid to suit your needs. Your hearing loss and aesthetic preference will determine the most suitable Vitus for you. 


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Phonak Naida V 

Join more life conversations 

Phonak Naida V

Phonak Naída V proporciona un rendimiento y potencia mejorados para usuarios con pérdida auditiva de severa a profunda. Gracias a la moderna tecnología de audífonos, es posible una mayor audibilidad de sonidos de alta frecuencia. Una experiencia de escucha totalmente nueva. Con mayor potencia y cajas más finas, podrá utilizar un dispositivo más pequeño.  

Phonak Virto V

Phonak Virto V

High audibility. Low Visibility. 


It has been custom designed to perfectly fit your ear canal; Thus, it provides unsurpassed comfort while satisfying your daily needs. There is no other hearing aid so small that is capable of providing this performance.


- Designed to perfectly fit your ear canal

- Combine performance and discretion

- Unbeatable comfort and sound quality




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Phonak Bolero V

Phonak Bolero V

The best in performance and reliability


Phonak Bolero V behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids feature our latest high-performance technology and are designed to give you a seamless listening experience, even in the most challenging environments. With an attractive and robust design, Bolero V is available in four performance levels and offers a wide variety of color options to blend or contrast with your hair or skin tone.

- Bolero V headphones are water resistant and dust tight.

- Automatically select the best possible settings to maximize hearing performance in the environment you are in

- They connect to the entire range of Phonak wireless communication.



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Phonak CROS II

Phonak CROS II

The smart solution for unilateral hearing loss 


You already know the situation: you are in a noisy room and you cannot listen to your partner or colleagues because they are not placed on the side of your good ear, or you are on the phone and you are not aware of your surroundings. If this sounds familiar to you, Phonak CROS II is the smart solution for you.


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Phonak Audéo V

Phonak Audéo V

Put them on. Love them. Forget them. 


The Audéo V hearing aid has our latest generation of AutoSense OS operating system, which automatically selects the best possible settings to maximize hearing performance in your environment. It is an intranacal auricular hearing aid (RIC). It has improved verbal comprehension, with excellent performance in noisy sound environments. 


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Phonak Sky V

Phonak Sky V

Headphones for children                                     


The family of hearing aids exclusively designed for children. Exclusively designed for children, all four models are water, sweat and dust resistant. They are, therefore, the perfect companions for active explorers. Because they offer effective protection against manipulation, children's small fingers are prevented from accessing the batteries. In addition, our attractive new range of combinable colors  ensures that children have access to technology that they will love to use. It offers exclusive functions that help to achieve better hearing and verbal comprehension. Choosing between four hearing aid models  with different levels of performance ensures that there is a solution for every child.


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Su profesional de la salud auditiva le ayudará a elegir el audífono más adecuado para usted.  Tendrá en cuenta sus necesidades auditivas,  su grado de pérdida auditiva, su presupuesto, su estilo de vida y sus necesidades personales.

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